For free!!!!!!!!!
You gotta be kidding me.

Why would anyone want to give all this away for free????


It’s a simple matter of ethics.
You see, there is so much BS out there selling you one quack nostra or another that “kills fat” or makes you “five sizes smaller in two weeks” that I just think that it is time to simply tell the truth and tell it so that nobody (apart from the snake oil salesmen) will feel that they’ve been ripped off.

The solutions to overweight given here ARE completely free of charge.
Download them and start using them today with my best wishes.
There is definitely nothing whatsoever to pay. Ever. No hidden pages to buy, no sneaky add-ons. Nothing. What you see is what you get. Completely free and no tricks.

The first thing that you need to understand is just where excess weight comes from.
What it is NOT is:
- overeating
- too many potatoes
- your genes
- your ancestors (i.e. you didn’t inherit it)
- or anything else that you may have been told to get you to buy the newest weight loss fad product.

What the real cause of overweight is will surprise very many simply because you’ve been taught to think superficially and upside down. It may seem logical to think that eating too much will cause obesity - but it won’t! So where does the weight come from, then?

For most people with real obesity problems, the excess weight is mostly water.
Why should this be?
For the remainder, the fat layer under the skin becomes thicker and thicker.
Do you know why? It’s not caused by eating too much fatty foods.

To understand overweight we have to look a little into human digestion and metabolism.

Digestion means that which has been eaten and drunk being broken down into its basic constituents which are then absorbed through the walls of the intestines into your blood which then carries these to your cells.

Metabolism means the way in which your cells take in that which has been digested, combine this with oxygen and water out of which they produce proteins and energy for movement.

Both of these processes produce wastes.
The one which causes the problem of overweight is the waste products of your metabolism.
These wastes would, normally, be removed from your body, principally by your kidneys, your lungs and your sweat. But what happens if they are not removed?

The waste products of your metabolism are, on the one hand, poisonous to you but, on the other hand, food for a whole host of bacteria and fungi which convert them into nutrients for the plants which we eat and so the circle keeps going around and around powered by the energy of the sun.

If, for reason which we will see a little later, these poisonous wastes are not removed then your body has to take some sort of emergency action in order to prevent itself being killed by the toxins.

Generally, your body will either take up massive amounts of water to keep the toxins in a low concentration or it will greatly thicken the fat layer under your skin and deposit the toxins there where they are separated from the rest of your body and cannot do it any more harm. There are other, more complex, methods which can be used such as cancer, emphysema, the so called “neuro dermatitis” and others. All devolve around one simple question - why are these metabolic wastes not being naturally removed from your body?

Now here comes the “cork popper”.

Overweight is caused by UNDER-nutrition!!!

Yes, it truly is!

You see, if your body doesn’t get the nutrition it needs then your ENTIRE body is under-nourished. This includes, of course, your natural detoxification systems!!!
If your blood, your kidneys, your lungs and all other systems don’t have the strength which they need to function properly then you are going to have problems. One of these problems is that metabolic wastes are not going to be properly of fully removed from your body. This, then, forces your body to use one of the many emergency ways to protect itself from dying by poisoning. Two of the most commonly used emergency methods result in massive weight gains.

What your body needs in order to remove this excess weight is not some magic pill or potion but to correct that which it is being given to digest and metabolise so that it gets the maximum required nutrition with the lowest possible amount of unusable substances. This is very, very different to that which anyone with overweight has been getting to date.

On the other pages on this website, we’ll go into this in more detail.

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