Our planet's natural recycling system and your part in it


This planet has a most sophisticated recycling system. It has to - there is no space ship service to carry any rubbish (trash) away to some interstellar dump! The objective of the recycling system is to provide for maximum life variety and experience. Unfortunately, during the time of the patriarchy (the Age of Materialism) and due to the very restricted consciousness which we took upon ourselves in order to enable the patriarchal experience, we have been seriously bending and breaking the recycling rules which has led to massive health problems both for the planet as a whole and for our own bodies.

There are very many things that we have been taught which are simply untrue. We have, however, been taught to accept them as true both by indoctrination as well as by denying us access to the real information. There is, for example, no such thing as a parasite. There are no “infectious diseases”. There are no disease germs. What there are, are a whole host of microbes and insects which have the task of recycling dead or damaged organic material so that it can be used as nutrients by plants, including the plants which we eat. We have been taught the lies instead of the truth because the lies enable a small number of people to get very rich at everyone else’s expense.

So, when you get ill, it’s not because of some “evil” microbe randomly attacking you but because something has so damaged your body’s tissues that the recycling microbes are called into action. In point of fact, we have almost all known “disease germs” resident in our bodies our whole lives but they don’t do anything unless and until they are called into action to recycle damaged tissues. I have gone into this in great detail in my book “The ‘Flu Fairy Tale” as just one example of how things really work.

Cancer is another case in point: Cancer is not a disease but a natural, temporary, emergency solution! Cancer is your friend that will keep you alive under circumstances in which your body would otherwise completely cease to function. All that cancer truly is, is a warning that your present life style is life threatening and must be changed. Instead of tackling the real problem, however, we are taught to attack the emergency solution with the lethal results of which you are certainly aware. The point is this; cancer is one of the three biggest sources of income for the pharmaceutical-medico sickness industry. Resolving cancer almost never requires medical intervention. In point of fact, almost all so called “cancer deaths” are actually caused by medical treatment. Dr. Leonard Coldwell with his book “The only Answer to Cancer” as well as I with my book “Cancer? So what?” (e-book only) and many others show what is really going on and how to resolve it.

Almost all cancers can be directly attributed to the denaturing of our foodstuffs. The common First World diet has become so deficient in many essential nutrients as well as containing very high proportions of toxins that it is long-term lethal instead of life-enabling.
At the beginning of the 20th century, a family doctor could expect to see three cancer cases during his entire career. Nowadays, he would be glad if he could go a week without a new case. The statistics showing the increase in cancers over the last 120 years exactly parallel the increase in factory processed, denatured diet. This is why correcting the diet alone has a success rate with cancer above 80%. Compare this with the 1.4% “success” rate of pharmaceutical medicine!

Now, the toxins in your body do not belong there. They are the natural foodstuffs (mostly) of bacteria and fungi in the soil which convert them into plant nutrients. One of the ways in which your body can cope with this is by creating recycling organisms within your body. A so called “cancer gene” is by no means a cancer cause but merely indicates that, in a state of chronic high-level toxicity, your body has the ability to create a particular type of cancer in order to keep your body alive.

Cancer cells do not look like normal human cells. This is because they are not! They do look a lot like the recycling microbes that are naturally found in good soil. Their job is to eat up the toxins in your body so that they won’t kill you.
Your job is to stop poisoning yourself and to give your body the nutrients that it needs.

You can download a free guide to human appropriate nutrition here.

For more detailed information and personal consultations contact the Kushi Institute in N. America or the Macrobiotic trust in the UK.



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