“Magic” Pills and Potions

These may look attractive, just so long as you don’t know how the human body functions.

Of course, we got into this trap by believing the pharmaceutical manufacturers’ promises “take this pill and your malady will disappear.” And then take this pill to counteract the side effects of the first one and then another to counteract the effects of the second and so on…. 

Prof. Bruce Lipton PhD. relates this story from his time as a medical student:

To finance his studies, he worked part-time in the maintenance department of a large car dealer. This was well before the time of electronic diagnosis.
One Friday afternoon, at about 4.30, a most irate woman drove in because a red warning light was “again” showing on her dashboard. The mechanics looked at each other because they all new that it could take hours to find out what the problem was and none of them wanted to endanger their weekend plans. Then one of the older ones took the car into the workshop and, half an hour later, drove it out again. The owner was happy because the red light was no longer glowing.
All the other mechanics then asked how he had found the fault so quickly. “I didn’t”, he replied. “I just took the bulb out of the light.”

The point of the story is this: Because the warning light was no longer glowing, the woman thought that her car was OK. At some point, however, because the fault had not been corrected, her car was seriously damaged.
Pharmaceutical medicine works in just the same way; suppress the symptoms so that the sufferer no longer notices them but do nothing about the problem causing the symptoms!

There are a number of chemical cocktails with which you can force the human body to eject excess water.
As we have seen on the home page, however, your body has taken up this excess water in order to dilute the toxic salts which it has been unable to eject. Removing the water without tackling the problem of the toxins running around your body, is certain to make you ill and can be lethal!
The same applies to pills and potions which force your body to discharge excess fats but then release the toxins which were stored in this buffer zone back into your body.

The essential thing to bear in mind is this:
Your body built up these fat layers / excess water in order to prevent serious damage to your body’s organs. Unless you tackle the real problem, removing the symptom (excess water/fat) can seriously damage your body!

On the other hand, if you remove the real problem (mostly a nutritional problem), your body will no longer need these extra defences and will naturally remove them itself.
Patience, however, is needed; the over/underweight is an expression of long-term toxicity.

For each year of your life spent in a highly toxic state, one month with a very clean diet is needed to correct matters.
The additional benefits which will accrue are, however, a more than adequate recompense for your efforts. (See Nutrition tab).

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