The Bio Myth

Bio quality vegetable etc. are always much more expensive then “normal” ones!

This is, of course, perfectly true - a pound of a bio vegetable costs 20% - 30% more than the same vegetable grown in synthetic fertiliser.


You’re not comparing like with like but two quite different things.

1) Why are “conventionally” grown vegetable bigger and rounder?

There are many chemicals which will cause organic material to swell up. What actually happens is that excess water is taken up in order to reduce the general level of poisoning caused by those chemicals. As this is, then, damaged (sick) organic material, a resonance is created between the vegetable and the natural recycling insects and microorganisms (see recycling tab). In order to suppress this natural process, the vegetables are then regularly sprayed with further poisons which kill the recycling organisms. These so called “pesticides” are not only poisonous to the vegetable but also to you! Further swelling in the vegetable and your body is caused!

A naturally grown fruit or vegetable has its own natural size and weight. There are no toxins present and so no swelling takes place.

2) “Scientists” have proven that there’s no difference nutritionally between conventional and organically grown vegetables.

It’s a question of what tests you apply and who is paying for them! If you select your facts, for example “Are these specific nutrients present?” but carefully don’t measure the amount present relative to the total weight of the vegetable, i.e. how much of that nutrient is present per pound of vegetable in the shop then you get the “result” the chemical manufacturers have paid for. If, however, you test the amount of nutrient per pound of vegetable then you find that organically grown ones have 20% to 60% more nutrients than those grown in synthetic chemicals.

3) Organically grown vegetables taste better.

Yes, of course they will do. Not only are the natural aromatics and proteins present in much higher concentrations, there are also no poisonous chemicals present which will deaden your sense of taste.

Now, you may well have heard that “laboratory tests” have “proven” that this is not true, that organically grown vegetables taste no different. The problem is that, if you’ve been eating conventionally grown vegetables for many years, then your taste buds will be so deadened by the toxic chemicals that you often can’t taste the difference.
It takes six to twelve months of clean, i.e. purely organically grown, eating to detoxify your sense of taste. After this time you will smell or even feel the difference - a first time experience for many people brought up on vegetables grown in synthetic chemicals.

4) Nutritionally, there’s no difference between organically and “conventionally” grown foodstuffs.

This is simply a bare faced lie. Even you, just using the information on this page, can see that it’s a lie!
If you eat “foodstuffs” swollen up with poisonous chemicals your body is going to get sick as well, isn’t it? One of the ways in which it is going to get sick is to swell up as well. That’s what brought you to this website isn’t it?
Additionally, because organically grown foodstuffs not only contain no toxins but also contain much higher levels of nutrients, your body will feel sated with at least 30% less food! This is natural; when your body has got the nutrients it needs then it says “stop!”, i.e. your feeling of hunger just naturally switches off.

In Summary

a) Pound for pound organically grown foodstuffs contain much higher levels of nutrients.

b) Because of this you will naturally need to eat less.

c) Because there are no toxic chemicals in organically grown foodstuffs, no additional nutrients are needed to cope with their storage and disposal.

d) After the initial detoxification period, those living exclusively on organically grown foodstuffs are very seldom ill.

Taking all of these together, it is reasonable to state that eating exclusively organically grown foodstuffs is at least 30% cheaper than eating conventionally, i.e. “foodstuffs” grown in synthetic chemicals and toxic “pesticides”.



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