Human appropriate Nutrition

Also, some essential points on cooking

There is an old saying in which there is much truth; “You are what you eat.”

It should be obvious to anyone that what you put into your body determines, to a large extent, what your body will look like. What is much less obvious is the connection between poor quality food and low intelligence, moodiness, depression, touchiness, forgetfulness and general emotional confusion. Nonetheless, if you change your diet to one fine-tuned to your body, you will find that all these other things also improve.

Macrobiotics is the science of studying what the digestive and metabolic systems of a particular life form are attuned to use as nutrients and to, then, give that life form exactly that and nothing else. The knowledge and the name come from Hippocrates himself (the “father” of modern medicine, ca. 460 - 370 BC)! Each newly qualified doctor has to take “A Hippocratic Oath” even though the main thrust of Hippocrates’ teachings is ignored in medical schools because they don’t sell pharmaceuticals.
As medical schools are financed and the syllabus dictated by the pharmaceutical manufacturers it should be clear why.

Hippocrates’ principal tennets were, “Whatever the father of your illness may be, the mother is your diet” and, to his students, “When an ill person come to you, ask first about their diet.”

In most medical schools, nutrition is never even mentioned BECAUSE correcting the diet is the solution to at least 40% and, possibly, as much as 70% of all health issues with a resulting loss of pharmaceutical sales!

In this free introductory guide, you will see that human appropriate nutrition is V E R Y different to what you have been consuming to date.

The pharmaceutical companies have, over many decades, heavily invested in promoting very unhealthy diets because this leads to pharmaceutical sales.

It’s now time to take charge of your health, yourself.

 Cooking your Food

Some points about the various possible ways of cooking your meals:
These are listed in the order of quality, the topmost giving the highest quality.

A) On a wood burning stove or over an open wood fire. 
     This method of cooking adds a lot of energy to the food. 

B) On a gas cooker. 
     Almost as good as a wood fire - quality loss not more than 10%. 

C) On an electric cooker. 
     The way in which electricity is transformed into heat produces very chaotic energy. 
his chaos will be transferred to your meal with a quality loss of up to 40%. 

D) In a microwave over. 
      This used to be the very worst thing that you could do to your food. The microwaves 
      completely scramble the informational structure of your meal, making it completely

E) The newest and worst of all - the induction cooker. 
      Not only all the disadvantages of a microwave oven but also extremely high levels of
      carcinogenic, infertility and intelligence scrambling radiations.






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