Just as you are part of a community of around 6.9 billion humans, your body is a community of around 70 trillion cells.

Just as human beings specialise in different function so that the community can function, so your body’s cells organise themselves into specialities.

Some cells digest foodstuffs, some store them, some transport them to where they need to be, some are responsible for moving all the other cells around (muscles), some for holding everything upright (bones), sight, hearing, touch and lots of other specialities.

Just as each human needs foodstuffs appropriate to their life tasks, each cell of your body needs to be supplied with nutrients to keep going.

These nutrients are delivered to your cells by your blood. Your cells then use these to make the energy they need carry out their tasks (whatever task it may be) and then eject the used up material.

This is called metabolism.

Obviously, the used up material can’t stay around your cells or they will quickly become completely clogged up with wastes and no more nutrients can reach them and the cells would then die.

Your blood will transport these wastes to your normal discharge organs (lungs, kidneys, colon, sweat glands) through which they will be ejected into the air or the ground.
See the sections on planetary recycling and water purity for more on this.

But what happens if your blood cannot properly transport these wastes?
What happens if your kidneys or colon can’t process them and eject them from your body?

As we have seen on the home page, your body will either take up massive amounts of water to dilute them or build a thick fat layer in which these wastes will be stored so as to isolate them from the rest of the body.

Other very common ways of dealing with this problem are:
Arthritis - storing the wastes in your joints
Arteriosclerosis - storing them in your arteries
Gout - storing them in your lymph vessels
Osteoporosis - storing them in your bones
Rheumatism - storing them in your muscle fibres
and many, many more “emergency” systems such as psoriasis, cancer, etc.



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