The Importance of really good drinking Water

Not only the work of Viktor Schauberger but also advances in Quantum Physics have begun to teach us some of the amazing properties of water.

The importance of water quality for human consumption cannot be stressed too greatly. Even a healthy human body is 70% water!

There are many attributes which water needs to have before it could be considered suitable for human consumption. Almost none of the water which you have been drinking fulfils all of these essential requirements!

Drinking water must:

1) Be free from all contaminants injurious to humans - the includes fluorides!
2) Contain alkalising minerals essential to human health
3) Have a ph. value of at least 7.4 with a very good diet, 8.5 for a typical First
    World diet and 10.0 when dealing with obesity, cancer etc.
4) Have an information structure which the human body can recognise as water -
tap (city) water has, generally, an informational structure which is often merely 
four per cent water!

In fact, there’s a whole handbook on this topic which you can download for free from here.


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